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Convert Testimonies from Orthodoxinfo

Convert Testimonies from Orthodoxinfo

Convert Testimonies from Orthodoxinfo

Orthodoxy and Western Christianity: Convert Testimonies

Holy Tradition: The Road That Leads Home, by the Rev. Dorraine Snogren (The True Vine, #5).

A Journey of Fear and Joy, by John Craton. From his testimony: “Please note that this revision is intended primarily for readers who are themselves part of the Campbell-Stone restoration movement (identifying with the Church of Christ, Christian Church, or Disciples of Christ). Others from similar fundamentalist-type churches may also find much to identify with in this work.”

On Becoming and Remaining an Orthodox Christian. A Talk given at the Orthodox Pilgrimage to Felixstowe in August 2001.

Contours of Conversion and the Ecumenical Movement: Some Personal Reflections, by Hieromonk Alexios Karakallinos. A talk delivered at the September, 2004 conference “Ecumenism: Origins, Expectations, Disenchantment”, sponsored by the School of Pastoral Theology, The Aristotelian University, Thessaloniki, Greece.

Are There Many Christian Churches, or Is the True Church One?: An Interview with a Former Protestant Missionary and Wycliffe Bible Translator.

From First Baptist to the First Century: A Spiritual Journey, by Clark Carlton

Chapter One from A Tiny Step Away from Deepest Faith, by Marjorie Corbman. The author, a teenager, is a very thoughtful writer with a capability beyond her years. This profound little book describes her search for meaning, which ended with her reception into the Orthodox Church.

Joel Kalvesmaki’s Journey to Orthodoxy, A Baptist Missionary Becomes Orthodox

Fr. Seraphim Holland’s Personal Testimony

Fr. George Johnson’s Personal Testimony: a former Anglican

American Salvation: The Place of Christianity in Public Life, by Albert J. Raboteau. From Boston Review (April/May 2005). “I was drawn in part by a sense of profound similarity between Orthodoxy and the ethos of African-American Christianity. In both there is a quality of sad joyfulness, a sense that life in a minor key is life as it is; an emphasis on the importance of suffering as a mark of the authenticity of faith.” See also Professor Raboteau’s book A Sorrowful Joy.

Two Paths, One family’s departure from Roman Catholicism and entrance into Orthodoxy. Excerpt from the book by Michael Whelton

Seek and ye shall find… A couple’s journey to Orthodoxy, by Reader Peter Jackson.

Journey to Orthodoxy, a collection of articles from Orthodox America.

Why Isn’t Clendenin Orthodox?, a two-part series from Orthodox America about a Protestant who has written many largely sympathetic books and articles about Orthodoxy, but remains Protestant. See also “A Reply to Dan Clendenin.”

My Work With English-Speaking Converts: An Interview with Fr. Artemy Vladimirov. Look for Part I of a superb three-part interview of this wise and  experienced Priest of the Russian Orthodox Church. It was originally published in the Orthodox journal, Road to Emmaus (view other articles in past issues). The issues containing Parts II and III of this edifying and informative interview can be ordered from Road to Emmaus.

Reconsidering the Meaning of Conversion: Fr. John Whiteford responds to a recent Christianity Today essay by Sam Torode.

Converts – Chapter 88 from Father Seraphim Rose: His Life and Works, by Hieromonk Damascene.